Colombian Slang Success Tips Guide. Surely your much-loved region in Latin The country, this Colombian jargon instructions can help you fit in.

Later would be the final day of my own two thirty days charge in Colombia and Im moving on.

Initially when I first found its way to Colombia I was really discouraged because I was able to not just see Colombians. Colombian slang features its own number of expression and jargon.

I had beennt sure if it absolutely was simply because they had been mumbling, mentioning quickly or a mix of the two main.

Colombia try a country with a large number of population and a range of highlights throughout.

This adds itself to a lot of kinds statement being taken across the country. Directly below, are one of the most widely used Colombian slang terms, Colombian jargon insults and Colombian slang hi ordinarily.

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Essential Colombian Slang

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An obvious thing I did recognize is the fact that there’s an incredible total expression that I didn’t realize:


Listo actually ways ready but the in addition put if one thing makes sense or awesome or all right.

We listen to this repeatedly everyday however when We first of all appeared I imagined individuals were always wondering me personally basically am ready.


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With delicious aguardiente also delicious Colombian drinks it is way too an easy task to grow to be hungover.

In Mexico these people think of it as crudo, therefore natural. Even so the Colombian Spanish for hangover is definitely guayabo.

Illustration: Este guayabo me va a matar(EN) This hangover will destroy me.


Thats ideal, this English word is employed a great deal in Colombia and it’s accustomed mean men, a kid or a baby.

Sample: Este person es muy buena persona (This boy is a very great person).

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Colombians are extremely civil plus there is a sense of formality within their speech.

Any person servicing a person, from a taxi cab driver to a grocery store clerk will declare this for your needs. It literally ways to purchase but is considerably much like at your own service.

I did not appreciate this one anyway, particularly if i might whine to taxi staff people comprise charging me-too very much as well as reacted in this phrase which actually required obtain regarding the taxi gringa.


This is exactly put much in Colombia and is about any time individuals thinks happier or comfortable in most place or situation.

Instance: Te veo muy amanado en la fiesta o te veo bastante amanada en tu nueva casa (EN) I see you delighted in the group or I help you delighted in brand new home

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Another Colombian pleasantry and this can be complicated. During each and every state this means nice to fulfill one we started reading it in this article from waitresses and various solution visitors right after I thanked all of them.


Caliente will not simply indicate very hot but it addittionally implies sexy in Colombian slang. I knew this the hard method once my favorite dancing partner would not see Having been stating I happened to be horny temps smart.

Enhance: a form buddy just blogged me personally it actually was because we mentioned estoy cliente and never tengo calor. Session discovered.

Realizar una vaca

Although this Colombian jargon translates to build a cow. It is really not rather far off.

The term Hacer la vaca or Hagamos la vaca pertains to obtaining revenue among several men and women for a particular objective.

Colombians take action much to get meal, for getaways, for functions, for 1st birthdays, etc.

Instance: Hagamos una vaca para irnos de paseo el fin de semana. (En) Lets pool our money together to be on vacation for week.


Should you wish to easily fit in you should lose si and initiate making use of neighborhood talk.


Colombians want to marvel at beauty and bonita, hermosa, guapa and preciosa werent cutting they; youll usually hear all of them need lindo/linda to descibe attractive products.


This may furthermore mean Monkey but also in Colombia is employed even more mico o simio to refer to a monkey.

Mono is used a great deal to make reference to a blonde people (it is said with devotion), extremely, if you’re a foreigner and blonde, you can expect to listen a lot which they phone you Mono or Mona in case you are someone.

Model: Youre in a store and they say Que se votre ofrece mono exactly what do i really do back, blondie?


All techniques to declare anything are awesome although apparently chimba trumps chevre the same exact way incredible trumps cool off.

But beware because chimba additionally means feminine genitalia although somewhat great decide they at minimum appropriated they in a confident light.


It is always involve somebody who is definitely close friend, that like an uncle and that constantly within the fun and worst.

In Colombia contacts furthermore turned out to be the main group, although in Colombia they’re quite genial and they utilize parcero getting further welcoming and to input self-assurance.


Like all of our reduced expression in french por approval is too much for quite a few Colombians consequently its grow to be porva. This was the particular slang that irked myself while I could not choose the verb in almost any dictionary.

Once we understood these i truly felt like there was taken the Spanish to a new amount, needless to say that will be right but later on Ill take Ecuador and then there can be a whole new set of construction to understand.


This term can involve a subject, circumstances or measures. For instance: ?Que problema con esa vaina! or Se dano esa vaina.

The English interpretation try What an issue with that thing! or That things was stressed!

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